Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ahnentafel #1: Or, Who I Am and Why I Am Writing a Blog

My name is Christine Jane UNDERWOOD, but you may call me Christy. I was born in January 1961 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri, and have been “doing” genealogy for quite some time. I enjoy researching my family history and have decided to share my research with my family and with the world, hoping to find others who are researching some of the same family lines to share our information. Because my own family is spread out over the United States, I decided that a blog was the best way to keep people informed of my research because 1.) it’s easy to write a blog since there is no coding, and 2.) the immediacy of feedback will keep me on my toes and pushing me forward in my research.

I have been inspired to write a blog by Amy Johnson Crow, a professional genealogist and blogger, and by Janine Adams, a professional organizer, blogger, and family history enthusiast. They have set up challenges on their Web sites that have made me think that I, too, could write a blog that would be a good outlet for my research. Links to their Web sites are under the heading “Links” to the right of this post.

For those of you who may be wondering (or are beginning to fill out a family group sheet on me!), I have never married, and I have no children – except furry ones, my dog and cat. I have other interests such as quilting, reading, and traveling besides family history. My plan is to begin to scan family photos each day so that I will be able to add a little sparkle to this blog, but I have not done so yet. Baby steps, right? 

I want to have my blog and family history in cyberspace because I have had computers crash and lost all my data, and I have had some physical loss of records as well. Having a bit of redundancy and information saved in a few places online hopefully will keep me from wailing, “Noooooooo!!!!” again. Do as I say and not as I do: Backup, backup backup.

Oh! And I will be writing this blog in my own voice. I don't take myself too seriously although I do take my research seriously. I plan to blog a couple of times a week, so be sure to check back frequently for more tasty tidbits. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing you again and hearing from you soon.

You may email me at christine.jane.underwood(at)gmail.com. (I'm trying to fly below the radar so that spammers, spiders, and bots -- oh, my! -- won't deluge me with unwanted messages.)


Coming Up Next: So, What the Heck IS an Ahnentafel?

Coming Up Soon: Genealogy Research Conventions (This will explain why I used the capital letters for my last name above.)


  1. Great job! Looking forward to following your progress! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your research!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Dave. I'm glad you are following me.

  2. What a terrific first post! I'm excited for you to enter the world of genealogy bloggers! And I'm delighted if my blog, Organize Your Family History, provided some inspiration. I look forward to checking back frequently!

    1. Janine, thanks for checking out my blog. I hope to be able to use it for cousin-bait. I know there is someone out there who knows where my FLAHERTYs are in 1880!